Saturday 12 May 2012

2012 6 bell striking competition results

Here are the results of the Arthur Ashby Cup and Horsley Cup. This year, both competitions were judged by Graham Hayward. Congratulations to Stanton in Peak on winning their first Arthur Ashby competition and Darley Dale on winning the Horsley Cup for the 9th time.

Jo Walker receiving the Arthur Ashby Cup from Graham Hayward
Arthur Ashby results:

Rang 4th: Stanton in Peak 8m3s 225 points
Rang 1st: Old Brampton 7m54s 224 points
Rang 3rd: Belper 8m30s 221 points
Rang 2nd: Bakewell 8m6s 201 points
Rang 5th: Sawley ? time 200 points

Richard Taylor and Graham Hayward

Horsley Cup results:

Rang 3rd: Darley Dale 9m15s (3h14 peal speed) ringing Oxford TB Minor 242 points
Rang 4th: Derby Cathedral 8m20s (2h55 peal speed) ringing Cambridge S Minor 240 points
Rang 1st: Old Whittington 9m5s (3h10 peal speed) ringing Oxford TB Minor 233 points
Rang 4th: Belper 9m6s (3h11 peal speed) ringing Plain B Doubles 222.5 points

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